Artist Statement

As an artist, I delight in creating one-of-a-kind works that are both aesthetically beautiful and finely made. I have a passion for design, utilizing classical and contemporary form, color, texturing, and gilding to create vibrant pieces that delight the senses!

However, in my more serious work, I also feel a responsibility to address some of the ills of the society in which I live -- social mores that are unacceptable to me, which must be changed.

Social ills such as prejudice, social inequality, emotional abuse, cruelty, oppression, and rejection are often the subjects of my endeavour.

Most of my work is intensely personal and has roots in direct experience; the images I portray are not from the abstract. It occurred to me that when one suffers in silence, no one can hear you. So I choose to speak -- not to draw attention to my own situation, but to educate others on the power of words, both creative and destructive, in hopes that the balance of society will reach an equilibrium of peace.

My driving inspiration comes from studying the work of the eminent composer and performer, Tori Amos. Through her life lived with courage, I have found the inspiration speak out against the wrongs of the majority. Her music continues to empower and inspire me creatively.

Katherine Kowalski


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