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    Color Rim Bowl

    Click here for Handout (PDF 88kB)

    Description: Bring a wash of color to your bowls by using laminated veneers and/or natural wood, to create a bowl with a stunningly-colored shaded rim, and an illusive bottom. Stunning as a utility bowl with huge potential as artwork. The decoration possibilities are endless! (Can be done as a single or two-part demo, the second part focusing on decoration techniques of pyrography, gilding, and power carving).

    Burl Bowl

    Description: Learn how to "read" burls and determine the figure you are searching for. Cutting burls a challenge? Discover secrets to turning burls effectively, from domestics to exotics, as well as finishing options for art & utility bowls.


    Click here for Handout (PDF 93kB)

    Description: A turning form that celebrates the beauty of wood grain to the nth degree, platters are functional, yet artistic forms that belong in the repertoire of every turner. Discussed: wood selection, turning technique, design considerations, and finishing.

    Goblet with a Twist

    Click here for Handout (PDF 85kB)

    Description: One of the loveliest forms in woodturning, goblets combine elements of spindlework with the forms of bowl & platter-work, creating a uniquely beautiful piece. Learn methods of chucking, end-grain hollowing, how to apply a hand-cut twist to add vibrancy and classical elegance to your piece!

    Creating Crochet Hooks
    Click here for Handout (PDF 23kB)

    Description: Create one of the most popular and commonly used fiber arts tools: the crochet hook. Learn extensive information on wood selection, design, carving the hook, and finishing, with tidbits about presentation and marketing, etc. Learn segmentation using proper joinery techniques and how to maximize use of the figure of the wood. Let me show you how to create a comfortable, functional, and beautiful crochet hook that will be treasured for years to come.

    Hair Sticks and Shawl Pins

    Description: Hair sticks and shawl pins are two turnings that make unusual and personalized gift items. Learn extensive information on material selection, how to create a successful design, pitfalls to avoid, finishing, with tidbits about presentation, care, and marketing, etc. Hair sticks have been used for hundreds of years to tame ladies' locks, and beautifully turned, make a unique present for a special person. Shawl pins are worn with knitted or crocheted shawls and wraps, providing a functional, yet ornamental way to secure a stole.


    How to Design a World-Class Demonstration

    Description: Entertaining, knowledgeable turners with fantastic projects delight at every symposium! How do they do it? Learn how to design your own world-class demonstration to instruct, inform, and entertain your audience. (No more sleepers in the back row!)

    Gilding Natural Edges & Interesting Surfaces

    Description: Learn to apply the ancient secrets of gilding to enhance your woodturnings like only 24k gold can! Modern materials combined with time-honored techniques will allow you to gild any surface, including sculptural natural edges and many unusual surfaces, which adds subtle elegance to every piece.

    Grinding, Sharpening, & Chips
    Click here for Handout (PDF 88kB)

    Description: Angles, tool steels, wheels, and more will be presented in great detail, along with appropriate cutting technique for each grind and tool. Bowl & spindle gouges, scrapers, special tools, even the dreaded skew will be ground, sharpened, and put through their paces on blocks of wood, demonstrating the relationship between grind and cut.

    Decorating Spindlework
    Click here for Handout (PDF 238kB)

    Description: When you've made as many fine spindles as I have (over 2,000!), making each piece special and unique is challenging. Pyrography, painting, gemstone inlays/settings, and captured rings are just a few of the ways to add personality to your turned design, allowing you to move one step closer to developing a signature style. Learn how to apply decorating techniques to fiber arts tools, hair pins, shawl pins, pens, bottle stoppers, and many other projects, and how to assay the suitability for each. Take your spindlework to the next level!


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