Ballerina Series

Philosophy. If you've ever been to the opera or the ballet, you've seen them: the ballerinas, the ultimate symbols of elegance and grace, perfect, like porcelain dolls.

And yet, when they walk off the stage, they may become a concerned mother with a sick child, or a victim of an abusive spouse, worried about making enough money to put food on the table, a slave to an overbearing husband, or perhaps a casualty of her own poor self-esteem, battling demons of the mind.

Pieces in the Ballerina Series exemplify the strengths of passion, the ability to go on and rise to a professional standard when the world at home may be a personal hell.

Yet, the weakness and fragility of life is also represented the broken, tatteredness of persistent stressors, the inability to walk away from shattered lives, no matter how dreadful they are to live; the sacrifice made to mitigate their own daily hell.

Ballerina Series pieces are truly a metaphor for each of us: putting up our best appearance to assure the world that all is roses, working our public jobs before returning home, when the mask falls and the real and personal life begins. This series shows the inside on the out: every flaw revealed, a drama unfolding, 24 karat gold a symbol of the internal worth of a person.

Creation. Each ballerina has her own personal "imperfection," a reflection on her life. Each is made of the finest quality hardwoods, turned to be delicate and light before dyeing with metal-complex dyes, (the most light-fast available). They are then gilded with 24 karat gold, accenting natural edges, and most especially, highlighting their "flaws."

Each ballerina's tutu is handmade, materials chosen to complement her color and give a lightness and airiness to the piece. After stitching, the tutus are crocheted through the vessel walls with silk or satin ribbon. (No glue is used stitches are visible on the inside). The tutus are then hand-sewn into place to stand outward from the piece, lending a grace and elegance worthy of the finest Prima Ballerina.

Works in the Ballerina Series:
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