Garden Panic - Level 24

By Katherine Kowalski

Begin with starting plants as follows: Peashooter and Poison flower in the center of Area A, Corn in Area B, Tomato in Area C.


The idea here is to pre-kill all of the enemies along the "runway" near the bottom of the screen, culminating at a power-punch at area C. The upper pathway is taken care of by the peashooters in Area A, finished off by the grouping in Area B.

Make the groupings in B & C composed of a corn, tomato, and peashooter. Upgraded corns, (and I STRONGLY recommend upgrading them as soon as possible), serve to slow the bugs down so your other plants can take shots.

Few cacti are needed because there are so many peashooters. In any case, both pathways pass by the cacti/peashooters twice, so there are many oppotunities to kill these flying bugs.

Half a strawberry is usually lost during the initial waves because of a butterfly sneaking in. However, this does not prevent a "Perfect"/Gold win.


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© Katherine Kowalski 2010