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Anyone who's met me will tell you that I am a VERY curious person, (in more ways than one! :-) ). However, in this context I refer to my infinite desire for knowledge and understanding of the world. I study everything not only for my own general satisfaction, but to improve my work, my art, my products, and consciously improve the way things work.

For certain projects I desire/require assistance -- but not generally in a man-power sort of way. I would be obliged and thrilled for any assistance given :)


Project: Ancient Artifacts
"Discover the Past to Inspire the Future"

Knowing what things were helps the innovation of things that can be. I study old tools, ancient ones, antiques, even "vintage." My thought is to reproduce these and find out if they work better than our modern equivalents, with the end goal of combining the best traits of both to create the most efficient tool possible.

How you can help: If you have any old tools, say something passed on to you from your grandmother, etc., I would appreciate if you could send me a photograph, (hopefully with the item next to a ruler), and if a spindle, the weight if possible. I'm looking for drop spindles, crochet hooks, awls/stilletos/laying tools, hair pins, or other more unusual fiber arts tools. These may be made of bone, wood, or other materials. If you have, (or know of any), for sale, I'd like to know that too. Please e-mail me any information.

Thank you!


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