My Specialties

I create all sorts of lovely things from lovely woods, and I specialize in fiber arts tools and items of personal adornment. Each item is created one at a time, with the utmost care, so that you will have a piece that will last generations. Please read the descriptions below to find out more:

(For photos of some of these items, please check out my Gallery. And please see my policy on Custom Orders.)

Crochet Hooks

I create my crochet hooks from the finest of woods, both domestic and exotic. Wooden crochet hooks are warm in the hand, and they're smooth and comfortable to hold. Each hook is polished to the highest standards, able to crochet any fiber (including silk) without a snag. Being a fiber artist myself, I know what the hooks ought to feel like, so each is balanced perfectly. I create hooks both with or without thumb rests to suit your particular grasp.




Smooth as glass, your fingers will wind fast as the wind, making a handy center-pull ball which is perfect for knitting/crocheting, or plying yarn. This simple, yet immensely effective tool traces its origins back to Scandinavia; noste - "ball of yarn," pinde - "little stick," literally translated means "a little stick for winding balls of yarn." I find the nostepinde indispensable when I do my drop-spindling as they are portable and provide a gentle way to ball yarn without over-stretching. Each nostepinde comes with instructions on use.



Needle Case/Toothpick Holder/Pill Box

This nifty holder is lined with nickel-plated brass, and will easily accommodate sewing, embroidery, or yarn needles, toothpicks, or even small beads. Personally, I use one of mine as a small pill box. Comes with an attachable key ring, or can be used as a necklace or on a chatelaine. Total length is about three and one-eighth inches.



Drop Spindles

Handmade drop spindles are so much more fun than run-of-the-mill! I create each one at a time, inventing various designs for each whorl, and pairing with a complementary shaft. Drop spindles are the most portable form of spinning, all you need is the spindle and some fiber -- and you can spin while standing in line at the Post office :) I tend to like the shafts on my own spindles quite long (11-12"), as they hold a great deal of yarn. I'm happy to make them any length you require.



Laying Tool/Stiletto/Awl

Fiber artists, quilters, and other needleworkers use laying tools to control misbehaving threads or for piercing fabric. They are generally quite sharp, and made of dense wood that will hold the point. They have either thin or wide handles, based on your comfort.



Hair Pins/Sticks

What could be more elegant than hair put up in a bun, held by wearable artwork? Each of my hair pins is unique, as I combine innumerable varieties of wood with precious metals, artisan-made beads, and other special ornamentation. Especially designed to hold hair securely, my two most popular designs are the straight pin and the deep spiral.




Another fabulous way to keep pesky wisps from traveling across your brow, each barrette is backed by the highest quality "Made in France" metal clip. I often inlay semi-precious gemstones, such as Turquoise, Malachite, or Jade, among many others.



Shawl Pins

Shawl pins are perfect to wear with knitted or crocheted shawls, or even loosely woven ones, you just weave them in and out of the fabric. The tiny knob on the end helps hold them securely in place. Shawl pins also look fantastic as a "brooch" on a sweater, and make great gifts.




Many of my pendants use a special technique for wood inlay, and feature four or more woods in a wonderful curving design. Each pendant has a hole just a teensy bit bigger than 1/8" diameter, and would fit most chain ends, a silken cord, or a length of ribbon. I like to wear my personal pendants on a sterling silver chain, and they get a LOT of attention.



Fine Pens

Hand-turned from natural woods, man-made polymers, or dyed and laminated hardwoods, each pen is unique. Many people prefer a "bubble" grip, in which I carve two round knobs on the end of the pen to provide a better grip. I also do slim-line. Pens take standard refills that can be purchased at any office supply/stationary store. A great gift for new grads, scrapbookers, calligraphers, and everyone who appreciates a unique present.



Wooden Beads

I enjoy hand-turning beads from various small bits of wood. Each bead is unique and has a center hole of one-quarter inch. I often sell these in sets of six or eight, and every great one-in-a-while, I will make a larger focal bead. Perfect for adding to your fiber arts, wearing as a pendant, pulling a scarf through, or displaying as a vase in a doll's house.




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