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Before I was a woodworker, I started off being a fiber aritst -- crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing -- you name the technique, I created awesomeness with it! Soooo... when I decided to start woodworking, I wanted to make super-comfortable, super-functioning tools.

Because of my love for the technique, crochet hooks were the first thing I started with! My hooks are longer than commercially made ones, because a longer length adds to the comfort. The handles are smooth and lovely; and the decoration is designed to be attractive, while also not interfering with the grip.

I specially-carve the hook end with yarn grooves to facilitate quick stitching -- the hook has an easier time getting into stitches, and is faster pulling the yarn through. Of course, they're hand polished to PERFECT smoothness!

I love to use a variety of natural exotic woods and also brilliantly-colored dyed hardwoods to make my crochet hooks. I adore creating hooks as vibrant and beautiful as the projects they are used to create! It's "art creating art."

I try to post a good selection of hooks on Etsy, but if there's a specific size/colorway that you would like, please fill out the form below! All-wood Crochet Hooks can be made in sizes H (5mm) to Q (15mm). If you need a smaller hook, click to go to my Small Crochet Hook, or Thread Crochet Hook pages.

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