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Wood is often too fragile to make into a teeny tiny hook, so I've combined the best of both worlds -- a brightly-colored Bates or Boye aluminum hook with the comfort of a wooden handle! (And with the thumb rest visible, sizing has never been easier!)

I find the mass-produced crochet hooks exceedly uncomfortable to use -- the handle is too thin, and the end cuts into my palm. Creating a wooden handle for these small-sized hooks makes all the difference in the world -- I can now crochet for hours instead of 30 minutes!

Because of popular demand, I can incorporate either Boye or Bates brand hooks, depending on your proclivities. Each company has different "standard" colors of hooks, which are based on the size, (see chart below).

Like all of the rest of my items, I love to use dyed hardwoods and/or natural exotics... all polished to perfect smoothness, and designed for ultimate comfortability.

I try to post a good selection of hooks on Etsy, but if there's a specific size/colorway that you would like, please fill out the form below! Small Crochet Hooks can be made in sizes B (2.25mm) to G (4mm). If you need a smaller or larger hook, click to go to my Crochet Hook, or Thread Crochet Hook pages.

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