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Double-Ended Hair Stick


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Double-ended hair sticks were born out of a request I had from a lovely client who desired a stick to work into a Chinese Bun hair style. (Check it out on YouTube -- it's very sophicated-looking!)

I hand-turn these hair sticks from dyed and laminated hardwood that's been impregnated with resin and densified, thus made extremely strong and durable, and also resistant to temperature variations and moisture. It is waterproof and dimensionally stable, meaning it will NOT warp. (Yes, that means you can swim/shower with this in your hair!)

Each end is pointed so to allow easy insertion into the hair, smoothly and easily. A "bead" is turned at the center to help it stay in the hair. Total length is about 7 inches; functional length: about 4.75 inches. Widest end diameter: about 1/2 inch.

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