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Pens are unique in that you can use almost ANY material to make them... including ones that are incredibly beautiful, but not appropriate for long thin spindles like crochet hooks, etc. Thus, I love to make pens because I can use some of the most unusual, sparkly, shiny, figured, beautiful, and unique materials in my collection!

I create both slimline and "fat" pens to appeal to any writer. Truly luxurious, they feel quite substantial in the hand. Each style also boasts a tapered, ergonomic grip for the fingers, and is very comfortable to write with. The findings are plated in 24k Gold for a posh touch of elegance. You can look forward to super smooth writing ahead!

Both styles of pen take standard refills that can be purchased at any office supply store.

With purchase, I include a beautiful deep blue velvet presentation box lined with satin. (See last photo).

These pens are an excellent, elegant gift for parents, young adults, new grads... not to mention yourself!

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